The dreamy Cambrian Hotel set in the amazing Swiss Alps

The dreamy Cambrian Hotel set in the amazing Swiss Alps:
Everyone deserves a little relaxation from time to time. And when you finally decide to take a few days off to relax and maybe have some fun with your friends and family, you obviously don’t want to stay home. You want to go somewhere beautiful, somewhere special such as a hotel or resort. During winter, everyone wishes to go somewhere where they can enjoy the amazing weather, where they can admire the landscape and the views and where everything is covered in snow.

The Cambrian Hotel offers all those things and more. Located in Adelboden, Switzerland, in the spectacular Swiss Alps, the hotel offers breathtaking views and amazing services. It’s the perfect place to go to when you seek relaxation and luxury with all the benefits that come from such as amazing location. The interior of the Cambrian Hotel was designed by Peter Silling & Associates and it’s perfect for this type of getaway. It’s sleek and contemporary but it’s based on neutral and earthy color palettes that make every space feel cozy and inviting while maintaining an overall elegant image.

The hotel’s guests can have a blast while skiing on the slopes or visiting the forests and pastures of the surrounding hillsides. The hotel then offers an amazing hotel and an award-winning spa. It’s a perfect and relaxing ending to an amazing day. The Cambrian Hotel is perfect for everyone who seeks adventure and fun but also for those that simply want to relax while admiring spectacular views of the mountains.

It’s a perfect combination between these two types of activities.The Cambrian Hotel offers 71 rooms, 24 of which are suites. The guests have access to the spa, ski room, gym, library, billiard room, board room and there’s Wifi throughout and flat screen TVs and DVD players in all the rooms.

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