Visar inlägg från 2013

Ingenious Apartment Design in Italy Revealing Original Layout Ideas

Ingenious Apartment Design in Italy Revealing Original Layout Ideas : Gianluca Fanetti, lead designer of Studio Fanetti completed a rustic-meets-modern apartment in Campodolcino, Italy. Abounding in wood, the interiors of this contemporary home resemble those of a modern chalet, wouldn’t you agree? Due to the unusual height of the walls, the design team decided to split the space, creating two functionally separate levels. The bottom floor consists of a generously-sized living area, also hosting a small kitchen and an elegant dining table. The visual flow continues to the sleeping area where a central staircase divides the two bedrooms and leads upstairs towards an original looking home office. According to the official project description, “in the study and construction of this apartment, particular attention was paid to the combination and processing of materials: larch wood wax, as well as stone slabs in large format tailored to the floors and antique iron beams with treatment

A Cluster of Creative Home Design

A Cluster of Creative Home Design : This mixed bag of attractive room designs is the inspirational work of Olga Kataevskaya whose portfolio is full to brimming with new home style trends for all tastes. This bedroom sees a headboard wall that by shape and scale could dominate the space, but is pulled back by blending the installation into the surrounding wall color, and lightened with tiny sparkles of overhead lamps. A staircase up to a run of wardrobes makes the dressing area of this master bedroom a stage. Simplistic in its approach, this scheme shows how to make the best of a shared home office situation, giving each worker their own personal space to stretch out their paperwork. A careful mixture of black and white units keeps the cabinetry in this kitchen from becoming too dominant. A low false wall hides away the plumbing of the modern floating toilet in this bathroom, as well as providing an extra shelving area for knick-knacks. Contemporary cutaways