Relaxing Casa Do Lago with a large Koi fish pond

Relaxing Casa Do Lago with a large Koi fish pond:
For a long time I have been searching the perfect house and place for me and my family. Different obstacles have appeared the moment we wanted to buy an apartment when we had the necessary money and now we have some other priorities and the money is not enough for the house we want to buy. Those who were in the same situation know what I am talking about and definitely understand our position.

Here it a great and relaxing house called Casa Do Lago, designed by Frederico Valsassina Arquitectos. It is the type of house that everybody would want to have it. It is large, relaxing, invaded by the natural light and the natural surroundings are just splendid. Casa Do Lago is like a relaxing oasis where you find all the peace and beauty that you need in just one single place. The building is located in Aroeira, Portugal and represents a wonderful residential house which is situated on a large golf course.

Here you may admire the beautiful Koi fish pond, the wonderful terrace where you can dream of whatever you like to.The design of the house makes it look like a huge platform. The tall stone walls separate the living areas of the house, dividing them into daytime social areas and private evening areas. It is a luxury home with floor to ceiling windows, spacious areas and comfortable and relaxing furniture which will make you feel great!

The interiors offer a relaxing atmosphere full of calm and comfort. Here you will definitely recharge your batteries whenever you want and get the new forces you need.

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