Nordic old school turned into a beautiful home

Nordic old school turned into a beautiful home:
This bright residence covers a surface of 487 square meters. It’s a large area that seems even larger when it’s decorated in a Nordic style. This means that most of the décor is white, a color that we know is usually used to create the impression of a larger space. It’s also a very bright color and a neutral.

To make things even more impressive, the house features an open floor plan that includes the kitchen, the formal dining room and the living room. This area alone covers 93 square meters. The kitchen area is entirely white. It has white walls, white ceiling, white furniture and even white pendant lamps. The same décor is continued in the dining and living areas. However, here we have a huge splash of color in the form of a wall. The wall that contains the windows has been painted green.

It’s usually a good idea to add a star color but in this case there’s a very big contrast and the overall impression is not as good as expected. It would have been better to use several small items and to add color using those. The rest of the house is quite different. It’s still minimalist and bright, mostly white but it has additions of brown and pink. This type of contrast is the one we were expecting to see in the living room as well. Overall, the house features an old school Nordic décor, minimalist, bright, with lots of white and stylish as well.{found on hemnet}.

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