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Contemporary Schein Loft in New York

Contemporary Schein Loft in New York : Not everything that is old is necessarily broken and ruined and must be destroyed. Some things keep their patina and this makes them even more beautiful. All you need to do is give them a new face, a make over, and they will look great again. For example some guys from Archi-Tectonics in New York thought of giving a new face to an old warehouse in Soho and covered it in a waterfall of glass. Underneath the apartments were given a modern look and the result can be seen in this Contemporary Schein Loft . This loft is situated on the eighth floor and is illustrative for contemporary interior design. First of all it does not have rooms per se. They are more like open spaces overlapping each other. You know this is the dining room because you use it as a dining room, not because there are any walls and a specific furniture for this. The whole place is open and there is glass everywhere, giving you a feeling of freedom and space. All the rooms are

Relaxing Casa Do Lago with a large Koi fish pond

Relaxing Casa Do Lago with a large Koi fish pond : For a long time I have been searching the perfect house and place for me and my family. Different obstacles have appeared the moment we wanted to buy an apartment when we had the necessary money and now we have some other priorities and the money is not enough for the house we want to buy. Those who were in the same situation know what I am talking about and definitely understand our position. Here it a great and relaxing house called Casa Do Lago, designed by Frederico Valsassina Arquitecto s. It is the type of house that everybody would want to have it. It is large, relaxing, invaded by the natural light and the natural surroundings are just splendid. Casa Do Lago is like a relaxing oasis where you find all the peace and beauty that you need in just one single place. The building is located in Aroeira, Portugal and represents a wonderful residential house which is situated on a large golf course. Here you may admire the bea

Climatic system for a smart house

Climatic system for a smart house : When we build our house we think about everything: design, architecture, position, furniture, colors, technology, comfort and luxury. But is that all? Haven’t you missed anything? Looking at the next house you’ll realize you missed in act a lot, something you never thought about, but which now seems vital. The house Mecano comes with a new innovative idea about comfort and your house’s health. The house is situated in the Osa Peninsula of Costa Rica and was designed by Roblesarq .  The building has a mechanism which adapts to the environment. The house will know when it’s raining, snowing or when it’s hot and sunny and will therefore react. The idea of this project is to use an autonomous synergy system which controls the ventilation. The thermal adaptation is based on the inclination of the eaves, which move depending on the weather conditions. This way the house will be protected by the precipitations and heat and will have a good natural v

Practical Cabin GJ-9 Concept, Adaptable to Various Natural Settings

Practical Cabin GJ-9 Concept, Adaptable to Various Natural Settings : Norway based Gudmundur Jonsson Arkitektkontor designed the project entitled Cabin GJ-9 and consisting of a contemporary small home prototype, easily adaptable to a variety of settings. Especially developed for mass distribution, the concept of Cabin GJ-9 is highly practical and versatile. Located in Bjergøy, Norway, the cabin below displays an inspiring exterior defined by wood, glass and stone, camouflaged in its natural surrounding. Two volumes make up the small, but welcoming home, one of them accommodating the private area, and the other the service zones. Connecting the two, there is a glazed pavilion containing the living and dining space. The interior atmosphere stays true to a cottage-like feel: wood is present throughout, while a stone fireplace and inviting seating units inspire relaxation. Enjoy the photo-tour below and tell us what you think! You're reading Practical Cabin GJ-9 Concept, Adaptabl

Defining A Sloped Property Overlooking Sydney’s Skyline: Mormanis House

Defining A Sloped Property Overlooking Sydney’s Skyline: Mormanis House : Located in the coastal suburb of Sydney – Dover Heights – the three story residence known as Mormanis House defines its location on a sloping terrain overlooking the city’s skyline and the harbor below. Playing with white and grey details on the front facade and adding glass in the back side, the architects constructed a modern dream home with a powerful duality of a solid and transparent shell. Stone, recycled timber and weathered zinc smash the monotony of simple white walls. Sydney-based MPR Design Group not only imagined a complex outside play of design lines, but also an interior floor plan divided between entertaining and relaxing zones. In order to keep privacy at a maximum level without loosing the calming effect of natural light, architects designed a series of highlight windows and skylights that bypass the lack of windows in some areas. Accessible via the top floor, interior spaces and views are re