Contrasting 1930s villa with an industrial & vintage décor

Contrasting 1930s villa with an industrial & vintage décor:

Combining styles has become a common practice nowadays. It’s a way of creating something original and of bringing together all of our favorite elements without having to worry about the different accents and styles they might have. Interior designs are like a large-scale project of this kind. Today we’re going to take a closer look at this beautiful villa.

It’s a building that dates back to the 1930s. It’s a great example of how the old and new can harmoniously coexist. It’s not easy to combine and mix styles. If you’re not attentive you can end up with a huge pile of elements that clash and simply don’t work together. This villa is not the case. It’s a beautiful combination of old and new, of industrial and vintage elements that seem to work well together.

The villa features a beautiful industrial kitchen. It’s spacious and intriguing, especially with all those industrial elements. The kitchen also includes lots of vintage elements. The living room is also interesting. The large round window is definitely an eye-catching element. Notice the brick walls and the unusual furniture that most people would find ugly or too old and rusty. In this décor it integrates nicely. Also, notice the colors. There are very few colors used in this home. It’s mostly a black and white décor with some small yellow touches.{found on designattractor}

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