Visar inlägg från januari, 2012

Gothic Quarter Apartment Interior by YLAB Architects

Gothic Quarter Apartment Interior by YLAB Architects : YLAB Architects have sent us images of an apartment interior they have designed in the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona, Spain. . The project consists of the renovation of a 130m2 apartment with a terrace, located in the heart of Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter, in a catalogued building located behind the City Hall. The original space is composed of a sequence of bright and spacious rooms connected by large arched openings, with balconies along the façade and an inner courtyard. Original features are maintained such as traditional Catalan ceilings with wooden beams and vaulted arches, as well as exterior carpentry with wooden shutters. The project is based on a reinterpretation of the existing spatial structure of different rooms with differentiated uses and atmospheres, redefining the assigned uses and functions and creating new spatial and visual connections without allowing the traditional elements to predominate. The aim is to create a

Glass Walled House at Sentosa Cove

Glass Walled House at Sentosa Cove : Stretching out towards the ocean, this glass walled Sentosa house, by Beige Interior , draws on the surrounding natural environment, a magnetic pull of tranquility. The retracting glass doors allow indoor and outdoor spaces to interact, and rooms to interlink in extraordinary ways, plunge into the expansive pool after lounging in the deck fronted living space, and emerge at the dining area for family refreshment. A whitewashed and beige color scheme runs throughout, complimented by oak and travertine stone. Splashes of greenery and vivid blue flood the designer glass box, blending the structure with nature by both absorbing and reflecting the trees, water and sky in this privileged seashore location. The house climbs via ‘floating’ oak staircase, rising by a solitary tree in the pebbled courtyard. The central hall resembles a modern art gallery with large pieces of photography and sculpture to appreciate en route to bedrooms. The master bed is separ

Italian Inspiration: Travertine Dream House in Singapore

Italian Inspiration: Travertine Dream House in Singapore : Travertine Dream House was envisioned by Wallflower Architecture + Design and is located in Serangoon, Singapore. The brief of the owner (Inspired by the Italian travertine city landscapes), required the use of greenery, maximization of functional areas and travertine exterior finishes. Here is more from the development team regarding the design solution that was applied: “ The house is organized as two parallel blocks connected by a glass enclosed bridge. The separation between the two blocks allows daylight to stream down to basement spaces. Thick travertine walls and large overhangs are placed on the western side to limit heat gain from the harsh afternoon sun. The entry, living spaces and bedrooms are arranged longitudinally to take advantage of natural cross ventilation and daylight. In order to intensify land use without ending up with an imposing structure, the four storied house has one level sunk into the ground and