Stylish Apartment With Black Floors And White Walls

Stylish Apartment With Black Floors And White Walls:

The interior of a house has always represented a reflection of our personality. It may be the expression of our feelings, passions, hobbies and other features that characterize us. For example a gloomy apartment which lacks colors and light and is filled with classic and massive wood furniture can reflect an owner who can be very introverted and caught in his own shell trying to keep away from the others.

For the contrary an apartment which is full of light, color and funny objects will make you think of a joyful person, full of life, optimism and who will always be open to the others.Here it is another example which perhaps will make you think of an artist. It is a stylish apartment from Bolaget. All its rooms are a contrast of white and black .You may notice the black floors and white walls that appear in almost every room.

The apartment has an artistic touch as there can be seen a lot of paintings, books and other decorative artistic objects that fill every space. It is also a combination of rustic and modern as there are many wooden pieces of furniture which are combined with modern items.Here you may feel the warm and kind soul that owns this place which filled it with its sensibility and taste for art.

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