Modern Swedish Apartment with lots of DIY Wood Accent Ideas

Modern Swedish Apartment with lots of DIY Wood Accent Ideas: modern-swedish-home-diy-wood-accent-ideas-10.jpg

This modern Swedish apartment is just lovely, with lots of DIY wood accent ideas to steal. The color scheme is constant throughout the apartment, calm and relaxing, mainly achromatic with some dusty mauves and purples that seem to bleed out of the surrounding grays. We love all the branch decor, which is something you could easily do yourself - gather some branches and put them in a vase. What could be simpler? They don’t need water, they can last forever and it brings a rustic touch of nature right indoors. Or how about those tree stump accent tables in the living room? Another super easy idea that can really enhance or change the look of your space. You could also think about removing the bark and sanding them down for a smooth look or leave them as is for a real authentic touch. You could even paint them to match your interior colors. And last but not least, we are smitten with the gigantic tree branch in the entrance that serves as a coat rack. Simple genius.
via Hettinger.









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