Minimalist Christmas decorations in Norway

Minimalist Christmas decorations in Norway:

Usually there’s a lot of color involved in The process of decorating the home for Christmas. Well, not in Norway, or at least not in this particular home. Still, there;s plenty more time until christmas and I doubt that the house will remain the same. Let’s just take a look at what they have done so far.

Well, first of all, there’s snow there. The trees have no leaves and this might seem depressing. Fortunately, the owners of this particular house decided to cheer up the atmosphere by adding some simple but christmassy decorations. I’m not sure if that little Christmas tree is inside or out but it’s very cute. Those simple decorations make it seem a lot more happier, even though they not colorful and cheerful. The interior of the house features the same minimalist decorations, maintaining a certain symmetry.

I particularly like that coy bench placed in the corner. The decorative pillows are both funny and chic. Instead of choosing colorful prints, the owners of this place opted for some simple items with nothing but a seasonal message printed on them.

The candles make everything seem romantic.Notice the tones of silver and gold that have been used for all the decorations. They are perceived as neutral so they match with everything else and they can successfully complement any color. The two little hearts from the closet are featuring the same style and complete the décor.{found on nicety}

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