Charming 1913 farmhouse decorated for Christmas

Charming 1913 farmhouse decorated for Christmas:
This cute mansion seems to be taken from a Christmas postcard. It’s the type of home you see in movies, in a quiet neighborhood, where everyone gets ready to decorate for Christmas and where children get ready to sing carols. This lovely farmhouse has been originally built in 1913. It’s an old and very beautiful house with lots of stories to tell.

The farmhouse has been renovated and expanded by Anne Jacobsen in 1939. Now, even though it still features that rustic look, the house is bright and very inviting. It has large windows, comfy furniture and a beautiful décor. In the living room there’s a soft and cozy IKEA sofa with lots of pillows on it and a beautiful metal table with round silver candlesticks. In the dining room there’s a very beautiful antique gold mirror that dates from the 1970s and was bought in Sweden.

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