Another Modern Private House Located in Suffolk, UK

Another Modern Private House Located in Suffolk, UK:

There are lots of interesting designs for contemporary homes. They usually some elements in common, such as the simplicity of the design, the functionality and the permanent connection between interior and exterior spaces. This particular residence is no different.

This is a private house that’s located in Suffolk, UK. The residence was designed by Strom Architects and it’s a real beauty. The client actually requested a country house but not the traditional type but a more modern one. He wanted a peaceful place where he would be able to relax and to meditate, a place that could be called home. The architects decided to go with a linear design that resembles a long cottage.

The site where this residence is currently located presented some already existing foundations, ruins and some low walls from a house that used to sit there and that burned down eight years ago. The site also included an existing outdoor pool that has been preserved.

The architects also decided to preserve the other existing elements in order to mark the history of the site. The new residence has been built above the ruins and oriented towards the south-west. There’s a very nice juxtaposition of the old ruins and the new construction. It’s like the past and present finally met and this is the barrier between them.{foudn on archdaily}

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