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Calm And Casual House Designed In White And Light Grey Colors

Calm And Casual House Designed In White And Light Grey Colors : Winter has come and there is nothing better than staying in bed all day long and being in a house like this. It’s calm, cozy and casual . Some vintage details – lamps, an old fireplace and candleholders . The whole interior is done in white and light grey. These colors make you feel comfortable, cozy and lazy – that’s a casual interior, stylish, calm and inviting. The walls, floor and ceiling are white and that makes an impression of a winter fairytale. The living room is more modern – with minimalist furniture and lights. The atmosphere is so quiet and sweet that I dream of spending my Christmas holidays in such a place.

Apple Bay House / Parsonson Architects

Apple Bay House / Parsonson Architects : © Paul Mcredie Architects: Parsonson Architects Ltd Location: Apple Bay, Marlborough Sounds, New Zealand Completed: 2006 Design Team: Gerald Parsonson, Craig Burt, Daniel Watt Structural Engineers: Smart Alliances Builder: Ken Anderson Building Ltd Photographer: Paul Mcredie © Paul Mcredie The property is located in the Marlborough Sounds, which is at the north end of the South Island of New Zealand. It is accessible by 4 wheel drive vehicle and boat from the nearest township Picton. © Paul Mcredie Itis a holiday house for extended family and sits on a west facing bush clad hillside Apple Bay. © Paul Mcredie We intended to create a delicate platform amongst trees for life to unfold. The house is in two parts, each with a fine roof that follows the slope of the land. The upstairs living areas are configured as a large elongated space with decks at each end to enjoy both the morning and afternoon sun and with retreat and servi

Charming 1913 farmhouse decorated for Christmas

Charming 1913 farmhouse decorated for Christmas : This cute mansion seems to be taken from a Christmas postcard. It’s the type of home you see in movies, in a quiet neighborhood, where everyone gets ready to decorate for Christmas and where children get ready to sing carols. This lovely farmhouse has been originally built in 1913. It’s an old and very beautiful house with lots of stories to tell. The farmhouse has been renovated and expanded by Anne Jacobsen in 1939. Now, even though it still features that rustic look, the house is bright and very inviting. It has large windows, comfy furniture and a beautiful décor. In the living room there’s a soft and cozy IKEA sofa with lots of pillows on it and a beautiful metal table with round silver candlesticks. In the dining room there’s a very beautiful antique gold mirror that dates from the 1970s and was bought in Sweden.

Inviting White Swedish Apartment With Vintage Fireplaces

Inviting White Swedish Apartment With Vintage Fireplaces : Scandinavian residences feature a very specific style and they have that unique warm feeling that can’t be avoided, no matter what materials or colors you use. This apartment is the perfect example to illustrate this idea. This is an almost completely white apartment. And even though white is a very cold and impersonal color, in this case it doesn’t extend its attributes over the apartment. This is still a very inviting and warm place. The white décor also makes the apartment seems larger than it actually is. It’s something that can be applied anywhere and a trick that comes in very handy in the case of small homes. This apartment is not small but not extremely big either. It’s beautiful, spacious and bright and it features large doors and windows. The most striking feature about this apartment is, of course, the white interior. All the walls and ceilings have been painted white. Even that beautiful old fireplace is white. The

Beautiful Sustainable Wood Flooring from Dinesen

Beautiful Sustainable Wood Flooring from Dinesen : There is no denying that the tough economic climate is having an effect on our purchasing decisions. As consumers or specifiers, we are now more likely to opt for better quality products that will last longer. But we are also more interested than ever in buying products that have a reduced impact on the environment. This beautiful wooden flooring from Danish manufacturer Dinesen meets all these criteria. Quality is absolutely paramount to this family-run company and every single floor is custom-made to fit each particular room. The wood is sourced from Europe’s best forests, and comes from trees that are between 80 and 200 years old. The trees have been meticulously cared for throughout their existence and are managed by the principles of “Dauerwald,” which means promising sustainably productive, profitable, environmentally stable, biologically diverse, and socially responsive forests, patterned after nature. The great thing about the

Minimalist Christmas decorations in Norway

Minimalist Christmas decorations in Norway : Usually there’s a lot of color involved in The process of decorating the home for Christmas. Well, not in Norway, or at least not in this particular home. Still, there;s plenty more time until christmas and I doubt that the house will remain the same. Let’s just take a look at what they have done so far. Well, first of all, there’s snow there. The trees have no leaves and this might seem depressing. Fortunately, the owners of this particular house decided to cheer up the atmosphere by adding some simple but christmassy decorations. I’m not sure if that little Christmas tree is inside or out but it’s very cute. Those simple decorations make it seem a lot more happier, even though they not colorful and cheerful. The interior of the house features the same minimalist decorations, maintaining a certain symmetry. I particularly like that coy bench placed in the corner. The decorative pillows are both funny and chic. Instead of choosing colorful p