Photo Wallpapers for Every Room

Photo Wallpapers for Every Room:

The wallpaper mural of the 1970s could easily be described as tacky—kitschy, even− but a similar movement is afoot. Today’s version of wall treatments, however, are exciting and suitable for those who prefer the professionally designed look. This wall treatment evolution furthermore has more dimension that its predecessors.

Today’s wallpaper murals allow designers and homeowners to turn personal photos, fine art prints, natural images and scenes, or patterns into wallpaper murals. See for example this set from paper designers Eazywallz. There are no size limits and the images can be applied to bureaus, closets, and other large voids.

Unlike the funky wall mural your weird uncle had in his 1970s living room, contemporary wall treatments are self-adhesive and reusable. Designers are using them for residential and commercial, indoor and outdoor projects. The papers look and feel like thin canvas, lacking the sheen of yesteryear, and presenting instead richer, cleaner, more substantial appearance.

wallpaper evolved wall-mural-4
mystical outdoors forest wall-mural-13
refreshing blades of color wall-mural-17
bedroom monochrome wall-mural-16
Children's wall-mural-12
luxury kitchen
restaurant wall mural
elevator door art
bathroom Costa Rica wall-mural-15
regional bathroom wall-mural-9

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