Ontario Eco House Operates Off the Grid

Ontario Eco House Operates Off the Grid: This eco house in the Muskoka Lakes area of northern Ontario is the perfect peaceful getaway with style to boot! Designed by Canadian architects Altius Architecture, the 3,200-sq.-ft. stone house blends beautifully with the rocky Canadian Shield backdrop. And in the foreground, this lake house boasts breathtaking views in every direction. Inside, the home’s natural wood floors and ceilings are warm and homey, exuding quality and timeless style. Floor-to-ceiling glass walls frame the pristine panoramas. A central “void” serves as an anchor for the various living areas that radiate off it, and passively circulates light and air. On that note, this eco house operates off the grid, thanks to elements like its orientation to naturally heat and cool the home, solar hot water and photovoltaic solar panels, as well as the incorporation of clean-burning fireplaces, concrete walls and a high-performance envelope, thermal glass, and a green roof that helps keep it cool during the hot months and insulated during the harsh winters. Altius Architecture.




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