Nature Oasis Property by Heliotrope Architects

Nature Oasis Property by Heliotrope Architects:

This next house on Orcas Island in Washington State is a first class property, in the close vicinity of the sea. The Suncrest Residence was designed by Heliotrope Architects and is siting on a site that has douglas fir and pacific madrone forest, with rocky clearings and several small ponds.

Trying to find the perfect balance, the architects came up with a house that was built using materials such as douglas fir and madrone wood, concrete, zinc, steel and glass, in order to keep a natural palette as much as possible. Minimizing site disturbance was another important aspect, so the building is located on a clearing that required little tree removal.

Moreover, the house is highly functional and high on style and presents contemporary pieces. The long, narrow footprint of the home allows every room a gorgeous view. Having a rather small place to work with, the architects kept it quite simple, airy and clutter free.

All in all, the Suncrest Residence is a once in a lifetime opportunity and a true work of art. It presents luxurious features and stunning views that will leave you speechless.

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