Modern Tall Ceilings House in Stockholm

Modern Tall Ceilings House in Stockholm:

This surely looks like a home to a family who does not compromise on any amenity / luxury !This place is splendid – what with 15 foot tall ceilings and romantic fireplaces – it looks like its come right off a romantic movie. The setting is just stunning. It overlooks scenic snow covered grounds – huge wide , white spaces which you can just watch for hours while sipping coffee.

The dining area is vibrant with an array of color contrasts throughout. Bold colors on carpet and art pieces on the walls. Everything adds to the aura of perfection.

Each room has a different theme and the furnishing matches it to the ‘T’. The whole house is lavish and interiors are plush. The kids room looks adorable with fluffy brown blankets and stuff toys all around. The bathroom looks like its of a 5 star hotel. What more can one ask for?

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