Funky Storage Solutions: tree branch shelves

Funky Storage Solutions: tree branch shelves:

What better way to hold the fruits of knowledge than tree branch shelves? These two funky storage solutions are heavily influenced by the characteristics of trees. The branches, which impose hierarchy, act like the various levels of shelving that are known in the common bookshelf. The first, the Tree Branch Bookshelf by French designer Olivier Dolle reaches across corners of the room, allowing generous amounts of storage to accommodate many books. Much like a growing tree expands its leafy arms, it allows the same for a growing collection of books. DesignArtist Shawn Soh provides another funky solution, this time in green coated metal. Inspired by designer's early memory of putting letters between the branches of trees, the Tree Bookshelf works in a similar manner. The books stand on the branches according to the angle of the branch's extensions, keeping them organized but without the rigidity of conventional shelving. Tree-inspired bookshelves are great and playful storage solutions for any book lover's abode.






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