Daniel Marshall Architects’ work of art-The Korora House

Daniel Marshall Architects’ work of art-The Korora House:

The Korora House designed by Daniel Marshall Architects is an award winning home on Waiheke Island in New Zealand. Having won the Home of the Year Finalist award in 2010, this stunning house is a piece of heaven for those of you who love being close to nature.

The house was designed keeping in mind the landscape and weather on the island. Therefore the architects had a challenging project and succeeded in building a wonderful home. The house is placed between two courtyards and is set within the contour of the ridge in order to minimise the impact of the landscape. Some of the materials used were cedar and plywood for a better reflection of precarious weekenders of the island’s past.

The space has large floor to ceiling windows that bathe the house in natural light and it also presents wonderful furnishings. The pieces throughout the house are mainly contemporary but with some traditional ones, that give it flavor.

With features like a swimming pool, beautiful fireplace and astounding views the Korora House is a true work of art.

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